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The 30SecondTraining.Com website provides any time, online, 24 / 7, access to the Microsoft Office training Library for your entire team, yourself  or  groups of employees. Enjoy convenient, online access from any internet connected PC - access that is private to your organization.

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Training and Staffing Situations You Face

  • How to provide a "quick reference / how to" resource.
  • How to help your employees, your team and yourself stay up to date on the software they
    need in a cost effective way
  • You need an efficient and cost effective way to keep new employees and veterans "in the know"
    and up to speed
  • You need to reduce the time it takes to master new skills
  • Your I. T. must provide answers how-to questions for often and seldom performed tasks
  • How to train your team to be more productive and efficient
  • You must provide support that your staff expects to accomplish their job

How Does 30SecondTraining.Com Help You

Meet These Challenges

  • 30SecondTraining.com helps you to give the training on the business applications your team relies on every day (Microsoft Office).

  • Investment for this online resource is budget friendly at just pennies a day.

  • To-the-point, 30 seconds - 1 minute video clips allow you to learn quickly and get answers to your questions in seconds.

  • All 30SecondTraining.Com clips are available on-line (24/7)  so that you can learn how to perform necessary duties whenever the time is right (for you)...late at night...on an airplane for 12 hours...in the lobby of an airport...etc.

  • On-line, 24/7 access allows you to have the flexibility to view and re-view lessons as many times as you need.

  • Learn a subject on your time schedule, as the training is relevant to your responsibilities.

  • With the online training 30SecondTraining.Com provides, you'll save time. Multiply that time-savings by every team member and see for yourself how 30SecondTraining.Com can make your whole team more productive.

  • Boost employee morale by providing your team with the resources they need to be successful.


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